Form of the passive : be + past participle
In the passive, the object of an active verb becomes the subject of the passive verb : “the boy” in (a) becomes the subject of the passive verv\b in (b). (a) and (b) have the same meaning.
ACTIVE        : Annie helped the boy
                        S          V          O
PASSIVE    : The boy was helped by Annie
                         S                 V          
Only transitive verbs (verbs that are followed by an object) are used in the passive. It is not possible to use verbs such as happen, sleep, come, and seem (intransitive verbs) in the passive.
Example :
1.    Simple Present        
Ø    Active           : Waitresses and waiters serve customers
Ø    Passive        : Customers are served by waitresses and waiters

2.    Present Progressive
Ø    Active        : Alex is preparing that report
Ø    Passive        : That report is being prepared by Alex

3.    Present Perfect    
Ø    Active          : Shirley has suggested a new idea
Ø    Passive        : A new idea has been suggested by Shirley

4.    Simple Past
Ø    Active          : Shakespeare wrote that play
Ø    Passive        : That play was written by Shakespeare

5.    Past Progressive
Ø    Active          : Two horses were pulling the farmer’s wagon
Ø    Passive        : The farmer’s wagon was being pulled by Two horses

6.    Past Perfect
Ø    Active           : Kathy had returned the book to the library
Ø    Passive        : The book had been returned by Kathy to the library

7.    Simple Future
Ø    Active          : Bill will invite Ann to the party
Ø    Passive        : Ann will be invited by Bill to the party

8.    Be Going To
Ø    Active          : The teacher is going to explain the lesson
Ø    Passive        : The lesson is going to be explained by the teacher

9.    Future Perfect
Ø    Active       : By this time tomorrow, the president will have made the announcement
Ø    Passive     : By this time tomorrow, The announcement will have been made by the president

10.    Simple Present        
Ø    Active          : Jhony opens the door
Ø    Passive        : The door is opened by Jhony


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